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Dive #99


Computer Dive Log: 99
Dive Site: Longdong Her Mei Elem. School.
Weather: Overcast, small waves.
Dive Time: 45 Min
Max Depth: 24.6 M
Min. Temp: 24.4 C
Air Comsumption: 126 Bar; avg. 2.8 BPM
Saw baby lobster, lion fish, box fish, and squid. Buddy saw blue-ringed octopus.
Water felt slightly chilled, but overal quite comfortable.
Initial course 330. Down bubble to 5-meter and proceeded to “lonely island" at 18-meter. Turned course to 045 along the base of “lonely island". Circled around at dive time 20-minute. Proceeded for another 15-minute and return course initiated by crossing the lonely island; course 150.
Using the new ScubaPro BCD; had to spend more air on fine-tuning bouyancy. 2.8 Bar per minute is a disgraceful record.
This was one of the best dives at Longdong bay this year. Thanks Joey!

作者:Evan Liu

60% 魔羯 + 30% 處女 + 8% 射手 + 2% 天秤



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