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Dive #104


Computer Dive Log: 104
Date: 2006/9/25 1:38PM
Dive Site: Longdong #1
Weather: Overcast with scattered rain, large waves.
Dive Time: 42 Min
Max Depth: 26.4 M
Min. Temp: 24.8 C
Air Comsumption: 80 Bar; avg. 1.9 BPM
Entry at #1. After dive, #1 was full of fishing poles and #2 got too large waves; had to turn to #1.5 for exit. When climbing up, the waves carried me smashing onto a wall, causing some bruise on left shoulder. No problem!

作者:Evan Liu

60% 魔羯 + 30% 處女 + 8% 射手 + 2% 天秤



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