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Dive #110


Computer Dive Log: 110
Date: 2006/9/30 9:30PM
Dive Site: Longdong #2
Weather: Overcast, small waves.
Dive Time: 58 Min
Max Depth: 22.9 M
Min. Temp: 23.2 C
Air Comsumption: 114 Bar; avg. 1.97 BPM
A team of 5. Longdong #2. Was on end position. Course 120 out; down bubble to 6 meters depth; slightly diverted to 090 for 15min. Turned to 240, slightly diverted to 270 for 15 min. turned to 330~360. 9-Meter stop; 6-meter stop, 3 Meter  stop.
A diver was somewhat unruly. Didn’t pay attention to keep in the team. When surfaced in the end, dove down again along when he found there was some remaining air. Not a good thing to do.

作者:Evan Liu

60% 魔羯 + 30% 處女 + 8% 射手 + 2% 天秤



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