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DC Log 148


Dive Computer Log No. 148 at 2007/06/28 18:54
Yes, it was Long Dong Bay again. It was a night dive to Triple Ditch entering from LD-1. The tank I got was a leaking one; only 100 bar remained in the begining.
Anyhow, more data for navigation was collected. Estimated range of this dive about 600 meters.
Triple Ditch is a challenge for navigation. All valleys and ditches look the same and point to almost the identical direction: 240 – 060, causing return course easy to lose right bearing. Therefore, navigation by terrain at Triple Ditch is not enough; precise calculation and logging are required. In other words, a professional navigation at Triple Ditch requires highly dedicated concerntration, which will take out all the fun that the navigator should have.
After 35 min of dive time, my dive computer urged me to ascend becasue RBT was running out. Having surfaced, I found the waves got tough. I fought the waves and struggled bak along the LD Park Swimming Pool to shore and landed on a new spot where I thought to be a good alternative exit point. I shall call it LD-0.5.

作者:Evan Liu

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