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DC Log 149 – the Farthest Dive


DC Log 149 2007/07/07
This is a new dive site for me: Fan Tzai Au at Shen Au Fishing Harbor. The dive guide took us for a 1200 meters journey as I estimated with map.
Very rarely that my dive computer would tell me to make level stop. In this dive, it did. The pace through out the dive was too fast. Very exhausting. I observed that there were many older divers there. They seem to love that place. They were a group of divers with a profile quite different than what I have known. The site lacks of everything. No shower, no toilet, no shade, no fresh water supply to rinse diving gears. Nontheless there are frequent guests there. They also come in somewhat bigger size of groups; 10 or 15.
Many things amazed me in this dive. They left their gears under direct sunlight for hours between dives. For the group I "hitchhiked", safety stop was not thoroughly followed. They would snorkeled for 200 or 300 meters on the surface before descending. They pushed the tank pressure down to 30 bar.
I wonder why, despite of these amazing phenomenon, some dangerous, they still stick together and raised no question. They will remain as a group, they will return here, and they will do the risky business again.
A few minites before descending while snorkling, some divers recognized me and said: "Ah, that’s Evan from Pioneer!" , "Our rival is here.", "Let;s take him somewhere deep and leave him." Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Anyway, it feels good to dive somewhere other than Long Dong Bay sometimes.

作者:Evan Liu

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