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DC Log 150


DC Log 150, 2007/07/07; He Mai, Long Dong Bay.
This is a scientific research dive. The purpose of the dive was to collect data in He Mai dive site. Because the my mini reel didn’t have enough length of line, the mission was failed.
A mid size octopus was discovered in this dive.
The tank I got was 116. Last time I took a tank from the shop was also leaking to about 100 bar. Now it happened again. I had to drive back to the shop and replace the tank, and only 10-liter tank was available. If they got time for the preparation of BBQ, I surely hope they also got time for examing all of the tanks. It’s a dive shopl not a Bar after all; the readiness of diving equipment should be acceptable. Hate to criticize the shop’s management style.
Have to buy a longer reel! Gotta fill up the blank area of Me Mai with usable data.

作者:Evan Liu

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