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DC Log 151 – A Scientific Research that failed


DC Log 151 2007/07/07 at Tripple Ditch
After hours of study, a dive path had been carefully planned, and yesterday the plan was implemented.
The plan was audacious navigation that it intended a 650-meter and six-turn cruise that reaches far into the outskirt of Tripple Ditch. On top of that, no scout ascend would be during the entire dive, and it has to be done at night where landscape reference was unfavorable.
In the first leg when diving the range was over-measured by at least 60 meters. This problem doomed the entire pre-plotted course. For the 2, 3, and 4th turns, they seemed to be better; but with the initial turning point lost its accuracy, the rest turns were consequently misled.
I was the only to be blamed.
After postmortem analysis, the factors that contributed to the failure might include:
1. Didn’t use timer as auxiliary distance measurement device
2. Didn’t use plotter to regulate course and distance
3. Over confifence.
What a humiliation!

作者:Evan Liu

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