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什麼? 沖繩啤酒廠Orion跨足咖哩界?!

Say what? Orion Beer is now selling curry rice?

昨晚來到林森北路八條通,就像是在汪洋大海迷航的水手,潛意識裡不斷尋找燈塔的影像, 一面Orion生啤酒的店旗晃過眼前,立即觸動了心理制約.仔細一看,耶,不是居酒屋,也不是燒烤店…竟然是咖哩屋…

As I hung out in the Linsen area (see footnote) last night, the sight of an Orion Draft Beer store-front flag flashed through my vision, like the sight of a distant light tower to a long wandering sailor at high sea. I backed a few steps and checked that out. The shop was neither an izakaya nor a BBQ; it was a curry rice shop.


The name of the store, written in Japanese only, was Oriental Curry House, specialized in assorted Japanese style curry rice and noodles.

清爽的店內陳設,裡頭是兩個黃毛丫頭服務生.印象中,這種年紀的服務生多半都是又笨又不敬業.但是Oriental Curry這兩個服務生卻很不一樣,是經過訓練的.果然是日本人做事的風格.

Like most Japanese restaurants, the minimalism-design dinning area was tended by two waitresses who were relatively young, so young that stereotypically they could be perceived as clumsy and irresponsible at jobs. But not these two. They seemed to be well trained in advance.


Shown beow is Omelet Curry Rice with Chicken, or Oyakodon. Steamed rice premixed with pieces of chicken, chopped onion and slightly acidic curry sauce, and topped with an egg and also slightly acidic mustard salad dressing. This dish, I believe, is deigned to appeal to female customers.





Shown below is Curry Rice with Fried Pork Chop, or Katsudon. On the first taste the steamed rice distinguishes itself as Koshikihari rice, a high quality species of rice. The overall flavor is well balanced. Nonetheless some pickled side dish will surely make it even better,



我問服務生,你們是不是Orion啤酒投資的連鎖店? 服務生小小驚訝.她說是的,在新竹,台北遠企都有分店.

I asked one waitress if this restaurant is an investment by Orion Beer from Okinawa. In a mild surprise, she said yes; there are two more so far in Taiwan.


If you love curry rice, try this one! Oriental Curry House is not unique, but it offers by-the-book, standard, and good curry rice. You have options of level of spiciness. Go for a hotter level and order an Orion draft beer!

請到Evan股溝圖看位置.就在林森北路145巷, 靠近林森南京交叉口麥當勞這一端.




Note: Linsen Area particularly means the area that centers from the entire Linsen North Road, in which night life is the most sparking in Taipei City. Despite much shadowed by the disastrous global economy downfall, Linsen Area still remains the most appreciated part of Taipei for the variety of entertainment offered. Its peak was achieved in the 1990s and driven by adult entertainment industry targeting at expats, especially Japanese, gangsters, business people, and politicians. The prosperity of such industry also boosted supporting businesses largely the F&B business. Only restaurants good enough could earn the previlege to stay in operation here. Linsen Road was named after a statesman, but it also literally means trees; a lot of trees. As such, this area is nicknamed the Five Wood University, suggesting that people come here to study sociology not taught in regular schools.


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