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2013 Dive # 4: White-water splash


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2013 Dive # 4: White-water splash at Triple Ditch (三條溝), Longdong Bay, Gongliao, New Taipei City, Taiwan.


Summer comes late in northern Taiwan. The choppy 23 C water is considered by frequent divers at Longdong Bay as unfavorable, but for me, perfect for adrenaline-thirsty, if not foolhardy, white water dive lovers.

Below: A sea urchin found near the entry point.


Below: A nudi?


Below: Sea fan.


Below: Skeleton of an unknown creature.


Below: A dead moray eel.


Schools of fishes sought for hideouts behind and below seabed boulders from tumbling currents and churning white foam; they have little spare attention for approaching divers and cameras, so I can observe them in much closer range than it could in calmer days. Trumpet fish, other little guys of reef species, and even vigilant squids. On the other hand, white foam allows little chances for acceptable photos. In all, this white-water dive is a refresh of navigation skill. Among the white foam visibility is as prohibitively low as 30cm, making visual navigation difficult. At the end of the dive I resurface exactly at the entry point. Yeah, I am bragging. Adding to help, which I can’t deny, is the trashes laying on the seabed that lead me right back to the entry point.


作者:Evan Liu

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